You send money to your family and friends in Haiti. We make it possible now for you to send money in support of a business project in Haiti.

Lend to Haiti

WHY MEnvesti?

Project Evaluation

All listed business projects have been reviewed by our Analysts and our Selection Committee. Only high-scoring projects make it to our crowdfunding platform. Learn more

Project Supervision

We work closely with project leaders to implement their business goals. Once the crowdfunding of a project is completed, we disburse the funds in 4 installments and a report is due at the end of each installment. Learn more

No Interest Loans is the only online crowdfunding platform that allows the diaspora to provide loans at no interest to business leaders in Haiti. We only charge borrowers a small 5% participation fee.

How do I lend on

To lend, a person in the diaspora chooses a business project on the site and contribute to the the total loan amount loan the borrower needs. To view our projects, please click on "View our Projects" above or click HERE.

Is the crowdfunding service free for Haitian businesses?

No. Each business on the platform pays to MEnvesti and the Analysts an amount that is equal to 5% of the loans they receive. Learn more about how we evaluate projects listed on the site HERE

What are the qualification requirements to become a lender?

Anyone in the diaspora may become a lender and lend at least $10 to a project in Haiti.


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