WHY MEnvesti?

Project Evaluation

Project Supervision

No Interest Loans

All listed business projects have been reviewed by our Analysts and our Selection Committee. Only high-scoring projects make it to our crowdfunding platform. Learn more

We work closely with project leaders to implement their business goals. Once the crowdfunding of a project is completed, we disburse the funds in 4 installments and a report is due at the end of each installment. Learn more

MEnvesti.com is the only online crowdfunding platform that allows the diaspora to provide loans at no interest to business leaders in Haiti. We only charge borrowers a small 5% participation fee.


What do I get in return when I lend $10 or more?

By lending through this website, you are buying a digital package that belongs to MEnvesti. For each $10 you lend, you buy a copy of the business plan summary of the borrowing project and access to exclusive benefits. Learn More

What happens after I lend to a project?

After your payment, the crowdfunding campaign for the project will continue until it reaches its goal. Once the goal is reached, MEnvesti will issue 4 checks at different time intervals to the entrepreneur (see Project Supervision above). At the end of the project's loan period, the entrepreneur will repay the loan to your designated beneficiary in Haiti. Learn More

Why do borrowers pay a 5% participation fee?

Borrowers pay the small 5% fee for the Project Evaluation & Supervision service offered by our Analysts and Selection Committee. The fee also supports social programs such as a scholarship for students affiliated with our Partners.

5-year goals

*for more details on how MEnvesti plans to reach these goals, Click to read our Customer Case Study 



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MEnvesti.com is an online crowdfunding platform that facilitates 0% interest loans from the Haitian diaspora to development projects in Haiti.

MEnvesti is NOT a money transfer organization.

MEnvesti is NOT a bank.

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