30 IN 30


Are you an entrepreneur in Haiti?

If yes, book a 30-minute workshop with experts in the Diaspora every month

30 minutes each month to grow your business

The 30 IN 30 Fellowship connects MEnvesti Entrepreneurs to experts in the diaspora who volunteer to offer free consulting and mentorship. Follow the following steps to join:


Apply to join our community of MEnvesti Entrepreneurs

Learn more


Once accepted, you will have free unlimited access to meet a 30 IN 30 mentor/expert every month.


Learn new skills from your mentors and grow your business in Haiti.

This service is currently not available.

  • Start a campaign


    Your can Start a campaign on your own for free to raise up to $US 1,000 OR apply to let MEnvesti or one of our Partners create a campaign on your behalf. Learn more

  • Share with your friends


    Once you have created your campaign, submit proof of existence for your business and then invite your friends and family members to contribute to your campaign.

  • Receive contributions


    Be free to share updates on your campaign page and your online community. In addition, your campaign may be eligible to receive offline contributions via our crowdfunding agents.

  • Repay your loan & Report


    Remember, your loan must repaid in kind or in cash and you must send up to 3 Supervision reports to your contributors. If you wish to repay in kind, use the "Rewards" section of your campaign to let your contributors know.

How it works?

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