1. What is MEnvesti.com?

MEnvesti.com is an online crowdfunding platform that facilitates loans from the Haitian diaspora to development projects in Haiti.

2. How do I lend via the platform

To lend, a person in the diaspora chooses a business projet on the site and pays for one or more installments of the loan the borrower needs.

3. Is this service free for businesses?

No. Each business on the platform pays to MEnvesti and the Analysts an amount that is equal to 5% of the loans they need.

4. Where does the 5% fee the borrower pays comes from ?

The 5% can come from anywhere the borrower or entrepreneur wants. But we recommend every entrepreneur to withdraw it from the funds collected from the diaspora.

5. How much of the diaspora loan is being sent to the Beneficiaries? 

The borrower will receive 100% of the funds collected and then pay the 5% participation fee to MEnvesti. When repaying the loan, he or she must return the entire 100% to all the Beneficiaries.

6. What guarantee does MEnvesti provide to lenders from the diaspora?

We guarantee that all borrowers will unlikely default on their payments thanks to our rigorous underwriting process that each borrower goes through. See our Project Evaluation and Project Supervision processes.

7. When should lenders tell beneficiaries about the funds they lend?

We recommend that lenders notify their respective beneficiaries when the borrower is ready to repay the loan.

8. What are the benefits to people in the diaspora if there is no interest on the loans?

Lenders from the diaspora will not pay any transaction fees on any loan issued to a business in Haiti; that is, for every $10 lent, he or she won't to pay the usual $6 to send the money.

What happens when you lend $10 or more?

9. What are the qualification requirements for someone in the diaspora to become a lender? 

Anyone in the diaspora who can afford to lend at least $10 may do so to any entrepreneur or business from MEnvesti.

10. Does a business have to repay the loan to all beneficiaries?

Yes. if a business receive loans from 50 lenders, he or she must repay the loan amount to the 50 beneficiaries, each designated by each lender.

11. Who is responsible for distributing the money the borrower will repay to all beneficiaries?

Each borrower is responsible for coordinating the process of repayment to each individual beneficiary.

12. What are the penalties for borrowers if they default?

If an entrepreneur does not repay the loan, MEnvesti may decide to ban him or her from using its services.

13. How can an organization in Haiti become a partner?

For a qualified organization to become a partner, contact the MEnvesti team at staff@menvesti.com. To be qualified, the organizations as to be a legal institution such as a school or student association.

14. How can an individual become a beneficiary?

Only the lender of the diaspora can nominate a relative, friend, or organization as a beneficiary. if the lender does not nominate anyone at the time of the purchase, MEnvesti will randomly pick one more organizations from its Donation List. LEARN MORE

15. When does MEnvesti pay its Analysts their commissions?

MEnvesti pays each analyst who has participated in the Project Evaluation process after the funding campaign for the project in question is completed. MEnvesti also pays each analyst who reviews one of the 3 reports from the entrepreneur during the Project Supervision process.

What happens when you lend $10 or more?

16. How much more time does it take to an Analyst to Evaluate a project?

Evaluation of each business project will take at most 7 days. Each analyst has up to 4 days to submit a project rating while focusing on one of the 5 areas of expertise. Afterwards, business projects with a final score equal to or greater than 70/100 will be handed over to MEnvesti's Selection Committee for a final evaluation. MORE DETAILS

17. If a potential analyst is not affiliated with one of MEnvesti's partners, how can he or she get involved?

He or she may only participate as an entrepreneur who needs loans or as a beneficiary. To qualify as an analyst, the potential analyst MUST be affiliated with one of Menvesti's partners.

18. If a potential analyst has experience managing businesses but has not taken classes in college, can he or she become a Menvesti Analyst?

It is possible as long as they have a record of their work experience or can clearly demonstrate their competence.

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