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Haiti Platform MEnvesti Connects Entrepreneurs And Diaspora Investors | Haitian Times

The crowdfunding platform is targeted to members of the Haitian Diaspora looking to invest directly to Haiti

Lovens Gjed has accomplished more in the last five years than many will in their entire lives. In 2014 he moved from Haiti to the United States, taught himself English while working as a cashier at Walmart and went on to graduate from an Ivy League university. On Oct. 27, he will attend the Forbes 30 Under 30 summit in Detroit as part of their Scholars Program, where he will be representing his new social venture, MEnvesti, which launched in August. 

MEnvesti, which is Kreyol for “I invest,” is an online crowdfunding platform that seeks to utilize the booming remittance industry to fund development initiatives in Haiti while simultaneously creating job opportunities for students and recent graduates as project analysts. Gjed, 23, feels that given the current political and economic climate, Haitians need a reason to be hopeful.

“Many people are discouraged and feel like they should leave the country because everything that’s happening,” he said. “We want MEnvesti to be something that inspires young people to take initiative because we are connecting them with the money power, the resources that the diaspora have had for a long time, except they haven’t been leveraged.”

The online platform will feature profiles of entrepreneurs along with their business proposals and allow members of the diaspora to lend as little as $10 to different project that interest them. Once the loan is repaid, the money will be sent to a family member or friend of the lender’s choice in Haiti.

To read more, visit the original publication from the Haitian Times: https://haitiantimes.com/2019/10/25/haiti-platform-menvesti-connects-entrepreneurs-and-diaspora-investors/

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