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Nominations are now open for the Inaugural Class of MEnvesti Entrepreneurs

As a prelude to our Florida Takeover Campaign, we would like to invite each one of you to nominate at least one entrepreneur in Haiti to our Inaugural class

MEnvesti is committed to supporting entrepreneurs in Haiti by giving them easy access to funding, especially in times of political uncertainty. Haiti has been trending on the news lately because of different protests which have cause small business owners to be exposed to more risks than usual. Despite the risk increase, some owners are adapting to the new status quo and creating innovative ways to provide services to their local community. We would like to support those innovators by inviting them to apply to our Inaugural Class of MEnvesti Entrepreneurs. Launched in August 2019 after more than 20 months of research and discussions, MEnvesti is connecting entrepreneurs in Haiti to small lenders in the Haitian diaspora. 

More details https://www.menvesti.com/nominate-an-entrepreneur

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