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Total Loan Amount: $6000

Number of Loan Installments: 600 ($10 each) 

Loan Period: 300 days


Lidia's story:

Lidia is a 60-year-old woman entrepreneur who was raised in L'Estère and moved to Gonaives 40 years ago. She lives in Descahos with her lovely husband. Together with her husband, Lidia runs a large area of land where she produces vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, onions, and others.


Lidia is very proud of her activity because, thanks to vegetable production, she has been able to support her husband as well as to send her children to school.


Lidia loves the fact that her activity helps her family but also helps others, mainly young people to have access to job and also women to find vegetables at the cheapest price.


Lidia also faces challenges of climate changes within her activity. Due to irregular rainy seasons as well as intense heat, Lidia is not able to produce good quality vegetables during the whole year which affects her family income.


Thus, in order to produce high quality vegetables the whole year Lidia is requesting a MEnvesti loan to buy a tropical greenhouse. 

Solèy Ayiti

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